One to Millions Entrepreneur

One to Millions Entrepreneur

Hosted by: Nida Leard

Hey everyone, Welcome to The One to Millions Entrepreneur Podcast!! I’m so excited that you’re all here. If you are a coach, consultant, expert, service-based entrepreneur or even someone that is considering...

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Building Your Power Circle as a 7-8 Figure Entrepreneur

Welcome to another episode of the One to Millions Entrepreneur podcast. Today, I wanted to talk about building your power circle. Having your own power circle is important for building a successful business for many...
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Stop dimming your ambition and start owning it! with Naketa R. Thigpen

Title: Stop Dimming your Ambition and Start Owning it with Naketa Thigpen In today’s episode of the One to Millions Entrepreneur podcast, I invited Naketa Thigpen to talk about balance, boundaries, and exceptionality....
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Using Your Ultra Genius to Pivot in Business

In today’s episode of the One to Millions Entrepreneur podcast, I want to talk about pivoting. A lot of us have been forced to do this mostly because of the pandemic. But I wanted to talk about proactively pivoting as...
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Scaling Your Business to 7 and 8 figures with my Genius Offers Secrets

In this episode of the One to Millions Entrepreneur podcast, I talk about the characteristics of a genius offer and how you can create them for your clients. After two decades of working with all sorts of businesses,...
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One to Millions Entrepreneur podcast is the show where you can get innovative marketing and business ideas, strategies, and mindset hacks. Hosted by Nida Leardprasopsuk, it is the platform where she discusses how to...
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